September 27, 2009
Athens, Greece

Topics of Interest

ESBE’09 welcomes research submissions (work-in-progress and/or  position statements) on all topics related to business models for services and their enablers, including but not limited to those listed below.
  • Service based information systems
  • Principles, theories, and challenges of business models for services ecosystems
  • Service innovation
  • Human roles in services and human based services
  • User interactions with service ecosystems
  • Service development communities
  • Open source service ecosystem
  • Knowledge management in service ecosystems
  • Service economics
  • Pricing models for services and market dynamics
  • Compliance in service business ecosystems
  • Service oriented business intelligence and analysis
  • Service valuation
  • Innovative strategies for making and managing service-based organizations
  • Strategic, tactical, and operational management of service ecosystem
  • Risk and compliance management in service ecosystems
  • Change management in service ecosystems
  • Trust, security, and privacy aspects of service ecosystem
  • Interdisciplinary studies of service ecosystem
  • Sociological, economical, psychological, legal, and technological implications of services
  • Ethical and cultural issues in service ecosystems
  • Service level agreements/ Policies/ Contracts and negotiation
  • Educational methods for teaching service ecosystem
  • Real world case studies
The workshop also features a panel discussion session, moderated by the co-chairs, to discuss open challenges and trends directly related to the workshop's theme.